Saturday, January 7, 2017

Interview with Leena Badeea

No matter where you are geographically, you are bound to stumble upon bookstores or a cozy place to read at; reading is a universal pastime. But, have you ever wondered why do people love reading? If so, I have conducted an interview with Leena Badeea, a half Bahraini, half English, young girl who has a passion for reading fictional books asking her about hobby and the reasons why she loves reading. She has won an award in her school for reading more than 50 books in two months. By that, I decided to join her day and show you her favorite places to read.

Her top 3 favorite bookstores in Bahrain are Virgin Megastore, a global leader in retail entertainment with over 14 stores in the Middle East. Secondly, Jashanmal Bookstores, offering a wide range of books from different genres, including best-sellers, magazines, new releases and many more. Thirdly, Words Bookstore Cafe, a small neighborhood bookstore and café in Budaiya. They target a large range of customers, mothers coming in after their school run, people who wants a quiet place to read or work, teenagers wanting to study in the late afternoon, families with children on the weekend. The environment is cozy and very suitable to enjoy reading your books.

My aim of the project is to create a more cultural blog by including bookstores in Turkey as well as Bahrain. In addition, it can help people discover and learn more about the bookstore in Bahrain, encouraging them to read more.

This is the link to the video:


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